Lathrop State Park

Lathrop State Park

September 4-8, 2021

Our lives were drastically changing, and Lathrop State Park was our party:

  • Margot was selling her house in Lakewood
  • Monica was selling her condo in Westminster
  • Margot sold her RV
  • Monica was selling her RV
  • Monica was selling her car

No one knew we were doing all of this, and we kept the news to ourselves. So, when we showed up in Lathrop after the Millers were already there, it was a surprise! It was the best surprise, ever. We posted more details in the original blog post on this site about Dora the Dutch Star.

There are two, small lakes at Lathrop State Park. One is available for motored boats and the other is only for non-motored boats. We spent our first day kayaking with Heather, Mike, and Joe on the motored lake, just enjoying the sun and the scenery. On the second day, we explored the non-motored lake. We liked that one better, just because it was so peaceful.

Of course, it wouldn't be a complete trip to Lathrop State Park without a round of minigolf at the golf course that is at the park. It's always a highlight of the trip.

Margot and I also took a trip around the motorized lake on the Segways. It is an awesome path, cement the entire way around. It's one of our favorites for Segwaying. Monica's Segway had been acting up lately, suddenly veering violently to the right and throwing her off. But on that day it behaved itself and she didn't wipe out.

As always, it was a great stay at Lathrop State Park, one of our favorite campgrounds. Until next time!

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