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We are a couple living in a motorhome full time, and we probably have too many toys. We split our time between touring the United States in the summer and exploring regions without snow in the winter. We are both from Colorado.

We travel with a Mini Australian Labradoodle named Lacey. She still has all of the wonderful qualities of a puppy, and she has unbounded enthusiasm for everything we do (especially riding in the boat or chasing the ball).

We live in a 2023 Newmar Dutch Star 4325. It is very comfortable, with all of the amenities of our previous sticks-and-bricks home. It lets us see the country slowly, and really get to know an area. We used to live in a 2019 Newmar Dutch Star 4369, but high winds destroyed it in 2023. You can read the crazy, three-part story here.

We are almost always towing our 2023 ATC Rōm 300 enclosed car hauler trailer. It's 24 feet (28 feet with the tongue), so we're a total of 72 feet on the road.

One of our most cherished toys is a 1985 Sea Sprite Continental Mark II, a zippy boat that is about 20 feet in length, with room for friends. Lacey loves every square inch of it.

We have an inflatable single kayak as well as an inflatable double kayak. Though we love kayaking, we find ourselves in the boat more often when there is water nearby. There is nothing like the peace and quiet of kayaking in a mountain lake, though, so we'll never give it up.

We get around to local areas using our Juiced Bikes Hyperscorpion e-bikes (Margot's is blue, Monica's is silver). They aren't mopeds, but they aren't bikes. They're fun, and a way to get around campgrounds, towns, and trails.

We also owned two Segways, both Ninebot S models, so you'll see them in some older posts. They were smaller and went up to our knees, not the big ones you take on city tours. They were a blast, but we only have so much time and storage space, so we sold them in 2022.

We also travel with a 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Overland that tows the boat and gets us around the area when we're camping. It rides in the car hauler with the bikes, grill, and kayaks (among many other things).

We Work

Monica is still working full time as a Principal Security Risk Analyst for a utilities company. She loves it, and she's built a great work area in the motor home. That includes a nice monitor, keyboard, and mouse. We have a printer. It isn't exactly roughing it.

The only real challenge is Internet connectivity. Unless we're vacationing in the motor home, we always camp where there is cell service. We use a Pepwave MAX BR2 Pro and a powerful antenna on the roof of the motor home, coupled with various cell provider SIMS and plans to always keep us connected. We are rarely without good Internet connectivity.

Margot is retired, and that means she gets to spend more time outside of the motor home. She's always making friends and enjoying the sunshine, playing pickleball and taking Lacey to dog parks.

Life is good.

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  1. Well done.

  2. Love your rig!! Just saw you on 102 in Rogers, AR!!! Have a safe journey!

    1. It’s a small world. Safe travels!

  3. Monica, it’s Monty and Debbie from the Colorado place you stored your other-other RV. I was just reading random stuff people had sent me and ran across your Mar 22 post; that sucks. Then after scrolling down to the comments, I realized I know that person. Sounds like things are moving on we both wish you well and drive safe.

    1. Hey there, you two! Yeah, our adventure with the previous coach was a bit crazy but we’re back on our wheels and good to go. It’s great to hear from you. Safe travels to you, too!

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