We have two Juiced Hyperscorpion eBikes (though they are closer to mopeds). After some major wipeouts on the Segways, we moved on to eBikes to stay out of the emergency room. They have pedals and you can use them like bikes, but they're really too heavy to pedal. Instead, they're like mini-motorcycles and they are a great way to get around.

Yes, we both own Segways, but they aren't the ones you see at the mall or on city tours. We have Ninebot S models, small and light enough to put in the back seat of the car. They come up to our knees, and we use our knees and pressure from our feet to steer them. They can go about 17mph and can go 14 miles on a charge, roughly. That means we can see much more of a place in a shorter amount of time than we can walking, and it's often more fun than driving. They're great at campgrounds.

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  1. They have been a blast! Now it’s time to move on to our next alternative transportation…

    1. I really miss riding the Segways all the time, but I don’t miss all of the injuries.

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