RVing Women Event

RVing Women Event

September 28th to October 1st, 2022

We only had a week in Walsenburg at Lathrop State Park, and we would be busy. The first part of the week was spent getting ready for an event we were hosting for RVing Women, the group that introduced us to each other. We went for a walk around our campground loop, and we enjoyed the big views of the Spanish Peaks. Lathrop is one of our favorite Colorado parks.

The event was Thursday night through Sunday morning, and we started out with a meet and greet that morphed into card games in our cabana. We didn't stay up late, though, because a few of us would be doing the Hogback Hike the next morning. It's a great hike we've done before, and it was just as awesome as we remembered.

That afternoon, we all went to the Walsenburg Golf Course for a lively round of minigolf. Lathrop is the only Colorado state park with a golf course on it, and it's handy to use a little trail to get from our site to the golf course. We all rode our bikes there, enjoying the last bits of summer.

One of our biggest successes for the event was the Progressive RV Tour. We all wandered around the campground loop getting tours of everyone's RVs. There were so many different ones, and everyone was happy to show theirs off. It was a great way to get to know people better.

The next morning, many of us headed to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in three vehicles. The visitor center was under construction (bummer!), and it was tough to get a parking spot (as always!), but we made it work. A few of us walked to the dunes while a few others set up camp chairs to do some people watching. Lacey enjoyed that part, and many people stopped by to pet her and tell her she was adorable (she is!).

We had a great potluck that night, and Margot grilled about a hundred chickens (that may be an exaggeration). The weather was turning cold and windy, and it was a challenge. But it all worked out, and everyone ate well.

After the potluck, we went to the amphitheater that we had reserved. We set up a projector and soundbar, and we watched the movie RV. Everyone was laughing and happy, and it stopped raining in time for the movie. It was the perfect end to the perfect day.

The next morning, we worked to pack up while people were hanging out. We had a few breakfast-type snacks for everyone, and then we packed those up to head out. We left on time! We were on our way out of Colorado and headed for new adventures in New Mexico. What a great time in Colorado for 2022!

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