Back in Colorado

Back in Colorado

July 4th through 18th, 2022

We'd spent a lot of time touring the midwestern and northern states, but we were looking forward to being back in Colorado. Monica lived in Colorado since she was in the sixth grade, and Margot moved there in her late 20s -- and then we went on the road in 2021 and left our home state. We were headed back on the 4th of July, but we didn't celebrate or go out for any festivities.

We were staying at St. Vrain State Park, one of our favorite campgrounds in the Denver area. We had a great site, and it was nice to settle in.

Ren celebrated her birthday with us and the rest of the gang at El Mirador, which was fun. And then Monica had to work in the office for the two weeks we were there. We also spent some time at Transwest getting repairs and general maintenance work done to the motor home (that's where we bought it the year before). It was really nice to see everyone and get back to the ol' stomping grounds.

But it wasn't long before we headed up the mountain to Kremmling for an extended stay. We don't stay at many resorts, but this time we were spoiling ourselves at Sun Outdoors Rocky Mountains. It was a really cool place to stay, with a restaurant and lots of activities. Mike and Heather were staying at a campground down the road, and we were able to spend lots of time with them and their guests. Allie and Zoe even came to stay with us. It was a really awesome time (even with some broken eggs during the trip up there).

Emily and Jebb were staying in Steamboat Springs, and Margot took the boat to hang out with them on Steamboat Lake while Monica was working. They took in the scenery and had a great time chatting and enjoying the water.

We would have many weeks in that wonderful area of Colorado, Middle Park, and there were lots of lakes to see and parks to explore. It was going to be a great trip!

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